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Budget & Expenses

Hoover Crossing HOA Annual Expenses

May 2022 – April 2023

With a total of 378 homes/ lots within the community during 2021, the results of our collection efforts have been very favorable. After several repeated attempts to collect delinquent dues, to date, there remain a total of 7 delinquent accounts; which equates to a 98.1% collection rate. Appropriate liens have been filed against these delinquent HOA members.

Total expenses incurred for this past year were $23,532.81.

The following is a breakdown of actual expenses incurred:

  • Landscaping/Lawn care/Irrigation- $17,858.45
  • Electric - AEP - $451.17
  • Administrative/ Legal / Postage- $746.95
  • Annual insurance for the common areas and the association - $1518.00
  • Seasonal Decorating - $1103.00
  • Water Expense - $886.16
  • Repair and Maintenance - $193.00
  • Website Expenses - $776.08
Total: $23,532.81

Annual Dues for 2023 are required to be paid by July 31, 2023**

$75 - Due by July 31, 2023

There are currently 378 homes/lots within Hoover Crossing. Each Homeowner is responsible to pay $75 for 2023 Membership Dues. Please submit payment on or before July 31, 2023.

Please understand that the HOA needs to collect your payment promptly; as we would like to get started on addressing the needs of the community as outlined in the budget.

Please understand that every Homeowner is a member of the HOA and the payment of annual dues is not "optional". Appropriate action will be taken by the Board against Homeowners who fail to make payment timely.

**For those homeowners who failed to pay previously owed dues; appropriate legal action has already been taken. Partial payments to your account will not be accepted. The total amount owed to your account is reflected on your remittance stub.**