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Fence Restrictions

Hoover Crossing Homeowners Association

Covenants and Restrictions Referencing Fencing

Please submit via email or fax your plans for fencing.  All fencing must conform to the following covenants and restrictions and be approved in writing by the HOA Board prior to the installation.


  • Homeowner is responsible to submit to board for review a scope of work detailing the specs for installation of fencing.  Specs must include location, material, height, color of proposed fence.   Written approval is required from the Board prior to installation of fencing.  All above requirements must be met for Board approval. 
  • City permit must be obtained and you must be in compliance with all applicable zoning requirements with the City of Grove City.
  • Fences or walls shall be constructed of wood, wrought iron, approved plastic, vinyl, certain styles of aluminum, stone or brick only.  In no event shall chain link or other metal or wire fencing be constructed- as it will not be permitted.
  • No fence or wall shall be constructed in excess of seventy two inches (72”) above finished grade. Fence height is measured at the top of the highest point of the fence.  This means that for a scalloped design, fence height is measured at the top of the peaks, not the bottom of the valleys in the fence. 
  • All fences must be clear-coated, stained, or painted to prevent natural graying of the wood.  Additionally, fences must be clear-coated or stained a natural wood color or painted a solid color (opaque stain or paint) matching or complementing the color of the house and should be described in your written plan for submittal to the HOA Board.
  • The fence must be installed “beauty side” out, with all structural members of the fence on the inside of the facing boards.
  • Homeowner is responsible for the upkeep and general maintenance of the fence.  Fence is to be maintained in a condition that continues to meet the specs that was initially submitted by the homeowner for Board approval. This includes replacement of rotten or broken fence slats and/or posts and maintaining the approved color (clear coat, stain or paint) that was approved by the board.
  • Fences or walls shall not be located closer to the street than a line parallel to the street and extending from the midpoint between the front and rear corners of the home, and in no event shall fences be located closer to any street than the building line shown on the recorded plat except for ornamental railings, walls or fences not exceeding three feet (3’) in height which are located on or adjacent to entrance platforms or steps.  Any fencing exceeding (3’) in height must be located in the rear of the home as situated on the lot. 
  • Treated wood split rail fences are permitted.  Dark painted wire mesh or plastic mesh attached to a split rail fence is permitted. 
  • In general, the Hoover Crossing Home Owners Association Board does not allow for a fence alignment that “jogs” (i.e., around utility junction boxes).  Fencing must be located to parallel to property lines and set back sufficiently enough to allow for the maintenance of the area on your property outside of the fenced area without requiring entry onto adjacent property and either incorporates the utility box(es) into the fenced area, or to exclude a strip of land, typically uniform in width, along the entire property line.  If a fence is installed to exclude a strip along the rear line, a gate must be installed along the rear fence line to provide access for you to maintain the portion of the lot located outside of the fence.
  • Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted or construed to permit the use of approved fencing materials to accomplish a purpose or use otherwise prohibited within the deed restrictions.

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